ViFoH Manifesto

It is injustice, it is immoral and it is inhuman. It is a lack of opportunity to access basic human rights, the threshold beyond which people cannot make substantive choices about their own lives, and it is a complete inability to determine your future. It is Poverty.

They are marginalized, abused, exploited, excluded, yet like any other they deserve justice, fairness and dignity. They are often not planned for yet development is measured using them. They will not remember the enemy for their words but rather us for our silence. They are the Poor

We see the abundance and opportunity they have believing that they have, they can, and they are able, only just vulnerable and constrained. We place their interests and ingenuity at the center of their development. We unlock their potentials to co create change that they re-engineer, lead and own. We are Vision For Humanity (ViFoH)

It is our sense of commitment to leave the world a better place. We are because they are.

Vision For Humanity (ViFoH) –  Healing a hurting world.

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