ZOA West Nile is undertaking activities in Rhino Camp Settlement to reduce the risk of violent conflicts in the settlements. It is a component under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund project titled



ECHO project funded by European Union, implemented by Danish Refugee Council in Rhino Camp, Arua-West Nile Uganda. The project aims to build the Livelihoods Capacities of community groups mainly Refugees and Host communities.

Increasing access to sustainable and renewable energy alternatives in the Albertine Graben to conserve high value forest ecosystems to benefit people and nature in Uganda


To create & expand sustainable enterprises in developing countries in order to increase access to low cost, low carbon technologies that advance health & sanitation of current living standards while improving the environment.


USAID/ Uganda Social Marketing Activity undertaking promotion & utilization of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Family planning, Maternal & Child Health, RH services.


Scaling up Integrated Sexual Reproductive Health Services in West Nile through provision of modern family planning services, HIV/AIDS Care, Hepatitis B Screening & Vaccination, Cervical Cancer screening.


Promoting Entrepreneurship & sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging markets providing hands on advice to small & medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and related organizations that lack knowledge & can’t afford consultants by senior Netherlands experts who share their knowledge & network on voluntary basis.