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Our unique sustainable model of grassroots development i.e Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) that builds capacity  of communities to figure out their own future & agenda, creating strategic action plans with fulfillment strategies. It is a model that co-creates  sustainable development around the world.

If you invest in our work, you can be sure that every investment you place into this model goes into a process that is fully re-engineered, owned and led by the communities.


You could donate:-



To sponsor a community (ViPAP) meeting



To sponsor training of a community group



as seed capital to jump start businesses generated and run by women & youth



as a group seed capital utilized on revolving basis to benefit several groups


To sponsor any of the  community development plans below:-

Community Development Plan (CDP) Abira Village

Community Development Plan (CDP) Abirichi Village

Community Development Plan (CDP) Koo Village

Community Development Plan (CDP) Mite Village




Personal checks or checks from charitable funds should be directed to VISION FOR HUMANITY, PO BOX 775 Arua (U), 2.5 km along Arua-Kampala highway, Abira Village, Onzivu Parish, Oluko Sub County, Arua District.

Donate Stock or Shares

Consider a gift of appreciated stock or mutual funds rather than a cash donation. A gift of appreciated property often provides additional tax benefits along with the satisfaction of contributing to a cause you believe in. To donate stock, please call us at +256773 337472 or email us at

Donate Airline Miles

By giving your Frequent Flyer miles, you support our program by keeping our travel cost down. For more information, please contact us on

Gifts in Kind

If you have goods or professional services you would like to donate to Vision For Humanity, please connect with us through our contact form.


If you are a foundation, religious institution, or other organization that is interested in giving opportunities, please us through contact form