There has always been a struggle with participatory development for many years. The struggle starts on how to involve players to take up responsibility. It must be realized that what is planned and taken to the people is never sustainable. How can a person who is not involved in planning be responsible for them and the learned go down and work with them?. PICD answers this dilema.


PICD is a capacity building program for the community.  When every organization comes to the community in a different way, not responding to the community wishes, and the community is not contributing towards the program there is no sustainability.


PICD calls for positive change within communities and the change must be integrated and participatory.


The background of PICD is based on the principle of planning whereby data is gathered, analyzed, acted upon, plan is implemented and evaluated or re-planned according to the outcomes and after re- planning one can go back to data gathering if the plan did not work.


The communities are involved at ALL stages of the planning cycle.


Participatory Integrated Community Development
(P) (I) (C) (D)

¬   Sharing ideas

¬   Being part of the process

¬   Taking part together

¬   Making decision together

¬   Exchanging information

¬   Meeting and sharing ideas

¬   Involvement of everybody

¬   Joining together

¬   United interaction between each other

¬   Involving other things

¬   Activities linking to others


¬   Group of people living together

¬   People who men and women, young and old are living in the same area and share the same resources, culture, language, ecosystem and some interest.


¬   Upgrading

¬   Improving of life

¬   Being better

¬   Enhanced life from worse to better

¬   Change of lifestyle

¬   Going forward

¬   Increasing level of livelihoods