Our Model

Our model of transformation is the ViPAP which focuses on investing in human capacity thereby building community capacity through a set of tools built on the foundation of attitude change, self-reliance (doing it ourselves), visioning, strategic action planning, fulfillment strategies & action towards an all-inclusive development process that the communities fully contribute to (re-engineer), own and lead so that solutions are desirable, technically feasible & economically viable. The principle of ViPAP is that the communities who face the different challenges know about them better and are best placed to generate effective solutions and address their own challenges. ViPAP further believes that the communities have the resources, ideas & the power to transform except have constraints & vulnerabilities hence ViPAP unlocks community potentials and facilitates the change process by addressing the constraints & vulnerabilities.

ViPAP provokes, prepares and launches take off with their development process and agenda by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies.

ViPAP mobilizes communities to Discover themselves, Dream of a better future, Design their course of action for change, Deliver themselves to the desired future through a set of actions designed, implemented, led by themselves according to the theory of change below.