Our History

VISION FOR HUMANITY is a self-generated organization whose operations in 2014 was inspired by the various socio economic challenges hurting west Nile region, Uganda and Africa at large. ViFoH was formed by a group of 10 young professionals who shared the hurt of West Nile & the world and then came together with a sense of commitment and responsibility to heal and leave the world a better place.

With Humility, they saw and took the world as it is, with Audacity they envisioned how the world should be and with Courage they ventured to create the change they envisioned through offering holistic services to the most disadvantaged, underserved, and excluded communities with core emphasis on investing in human capacity, developing community led interventions whose inclusiveness allows for joint efforts in addressing their challenges after a realization that majority of the disadvantage communities are living is extreme poverty, characterized by low quality of lives, high unemployment rates among the youth and women.

Informed by experiences of lifetime with regards to poverty, the organizations sole development focus is on alleviation of poverty by harnessing rural Ideas, Innovations & Investment through addressing constraints & vulnerabilities that hinder human capacity providing an opportunity for our beneficiaries to build their own capacity & support networks in order to become productive citizens able to make a positive contribution to society & national development.

Vision For Humanity has attained the status of a National Non-Governmental Organization now engaged in development and transformative initiatives in Uganda, focused on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach to poverty alleviation through harnessing rural IDEAS, INNOVATION and INVESTMENT. ViFoH adopts Participatory Integrated Community Development approach (PICD) through Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) to unlock community potentials to fully re-engineer, own and lead their development process and agenda by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies. ViFoH vision is a community with efficient human capacities and good quality of life for sustainable development, Mission is to empower & inspire Ugandan communities for positive socio-economic transformation with the goal of enhancing community development through simple, innovative approaches and the cultivation of citizen leadership.

ViFoH at present has operational presence at a national level, in 4 districts of Arua, Maracha, Koboko and Yumbe in West Nile with a high possibility of expansions to other parts of Uganda, South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Under the leadership of Mr. Asau Sunday ViFoH has created a comprehensive vision strategy that builds on Human rights interventions while stretching it into a deeper sustainable community that restores Health, Education, people, economy/livelihoods and environment. ViFoH target group among others include; Youth, child mothers, women, conflict affected person, refugees, person living with HIV/Aids and the Most at risk population.

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