Our Approach

There has been a struggle with participatory development for many years. The struggle started on how to involve players to take up responsibility. It was realized that what was planned and taken to the people was never sustainable. How can the person who is not involved in planning be responsible for them and the learned go down and work with them?

Because of this the ViFoH’s idea of change is that development should be demand driven and the human is the focal point of development hence our programming hinges on human centered designing while our interventions focus on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach. We also believe that the communities afflicted by the different challenges have the resources, power &will to overcome them and grow except they have constraints & vulnerabilities. We further believe that they are the best placed to address their own challenges so that solutions are desirable, technically feasible and economically viable.

PICD is a capacity building programme for the community. When every organization comes to the community in a different way, not responding to the community wishes, and the community is not contributing towards the programme there is no sustainability. PICD calls for positive change within communities and the change must be integrated and participatory.