Governance, Human Rights and Leadership Development

    • Establish and train community led GBV champions to monitor and advocate for GBV services, sensitize the population and advise GBV victims on legal recourse, referrals and follow up.

    • Establish child protection units in schools by which children can report abuse to GBV Advocates for follow up.

    • Promote skill-building and life-skills programs for youth, men, and women

    • Undertake radio programs on GBV messages through radio talk shows, radio spots and theater forums to sensitize individuals and communities on the risks and consequences of GBV, including trafficking and sex work, with a focus on prevention by men and boys.

    • Conduct Awareness raising activities in the communities to increase their knowledge and information about GBV related services, information on GBV and health, gender equality, healthy relationships.

    • Support advocacy interventions with key duty bearers/stakeholders and policy makers to foster favorable environment for GBV prevention and response.

    • Case management, referrals & profiling, awareness, stakeholder engagement for child rights governance. Worked with out of school children to build their esteem, providing life (soft) skills and informal skills to

  • harness innovations, ideas & investments for self reliance.

    • Social protection: We undertake protection of many vulnerable, underserved and marginalized groups in society (women, children,

  • PWD’s, elderly among others).

Peace Building & Conflict Resolution: We undertake several initiatives in communities and schools to build peaceful co-existence, reduce risk of violence & conflicts, promote

Peace & Conflict Management: Efforts for peaceful integration, peaceful co-existence are a key priority in Humanitarian interventions. Most often there is bitterness and resentment towards state, organization, responsible authorities for failure and blame directed towards another. In disasters resulting from conflict & violence including armed conflicts interventions to build peace and community based approach to conflict resolution take center stage.

Protection services: Victims of disaster loose privileges and their rights are often abused. We provide and coordinate efforts of Child, Gender, Social, Legal protection services to victims of disaster. Important kits for protection include PEP kits, Emergency pills, Dignity kits, Recreational kits.

Environmental Protection: The environment usually suffers most times permanent damage especially in refugee and displaced persons situations. This is due to unprecedented pressure created by human activity on environmental resources. Often times most humanitarian efforts under look protection of the environment.

Access to energy for cooking and lighting needs is a key area of intervention in a Humanitarian context. It is essential especially in refugee and situations where large numbers of people are displaced to intervene to provide cleaner and efficient sources of energy to reduce pressure on environmental resources.

Environmental Interventions involve tree planting, awareness creation, environmental protection clubs, energy efficient cooking technologies, stakeholder involvement, management of natural resources & environmental conservation measures.