It is a pleasure to interact with you on this platform. We appreciate the time you have shared with us visiting this website and subsequently welcome you to Vision For Humanity (ViFoH).

The world is seriously hurting, today the world faces its worst refugee crisis. UNHCR estimates 65.6 million “persons of concern” (IDP’s, asylum seekers, refugees, forced migrants, stateless persons) globally, the highest in its 7 decade history of which 37.5 million IDP’s, 16.5 million refugees by mid-2016 fleeing war, violence & persecution. This means on average, 20 people are driven out of their homes every minute or 1 every 3 seconds, less than the time to read this sentence.

Nearly ½ of the world’s population (more than 3 billion) people live on less than $ 2.5 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty i.e. less than $ 1.25 a day.

Environmental crisis is now second to financial crisis globally. Deforestation, species loss, soil erosion, desertification, air & water pollution, acid precipitation, ozone layer depletion, greenhouse effect & climate change.

Global hunger is on the rise affecting 11% of global population, the undernourished population has increased from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016. Today 815 million people go hungry.

The global disease burden is one of the highest, quality of life has seriously deteriorated especially in developing countries.

There is limited access to quality education, there are several human rights abuses all around the world among several other issues that continue to hurt our world.

If this is the grim picture of the world today, what world are we going to leave behind?

Our problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created. We all need to become more accountable and take responsibility for all these problems around us.

Vision For Humanity (ViFoH) believes it is the responsibility of each of us to leave this world a better place than we found it. We believe our approaches & interventions are contributing to addressing the problems we are facing.

We invite you to our space through partnering with us, supporting our work technically & resource wise, share learning to synergize our efforts and contribute to change.

Nobody will do it, we should be the change we want to see. Feel free to access our space and we together forge a way forward for change.

Thank you. Sunday Asau, Executive Director  Vision For Humanity.

                                             this is my story

Life begins at 40 years they say! I am ASAU SUNDAY, 37 years of age with potential to achieve anything I set out to achieve in life yet just over four years ago,  an un expected turn of the loss of a mult-imillion investment pulled down my life and my clock stopped ticking. I went through two (2) years of clinical depression. A major wound was inflicted on my confidence and self-esteem. Life trapped me into functioning below my potential, kept in prison of self pity, resentment, self destruction and depression.

This investment had given me security after life presented me with tough challenges from childhood like taking up leadership and responsibility to figure out and forge life for myself and siblings from the age of 9 years following the loss of my father and the most resourceful brother on the same day on 25th August, 1990. We were traumatized by our elder brother, a drug addict who should have filled in to the extent of tying us up one day and threatening to slaughter us only to be saved by a passerby. At one moment, I had to drop out of school, enter into a rebel held territory in pursuit of resources to afford my education.

I would have loved a better offer from life if I had the choice but somehow I had to bear with what I couldn’t change. Though young, life challenged me to make critical decisions about my future. I became focused, kept in school, engaged in agriculture progressively and eventually pulled through with a University degree. Like many say at the end of every road, you meet yourself, here I was lucky to have survived extreme poverty a life close to ½ a million of the world’s population is in characterized by hunger, lack of education, missed opportunities and death from preventable diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia due to inability to afford healthcare.

Hailing from the second poorest region in Uganda with poverty rates at 50% coupled with these experiences and realities, I was challenged to build a life of meaning with a sense of commitment to stand with the poor and leave a better world by alleviating poverty. This is an identity I chose as a result of what life exposed me to over what I was oriented to become in life i.e. a Nurse.

Where I am today, the realization has come true that poverty is not a question of lack of. The poor have the resources, ideas and power to transform themselves and are working towards that except they are constrained and vulnerable. To create sustainable development, programming must respond to the wishes of the community and they should plan, be in charge and fully contribute to the program.

VISION FOR HUMANITY (ViFoH) has created a model called Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) that builds capacity  of communities to figure out their own future & agenda, creating strategic action plans with fulfillment strategies. It places community interests and ingenuity at the center. ViPAP unlocks community potentials to co-create change that is fully re-engineered, owned and led by the communities. Its inclusiveness allows for joint efforts in addressing community challenges. This strategy builds on human rights interventions stretching into restoring health, education, livelihoods, people and environment.

I invite you to our space. Support us, let’s share knowledge and experiences, embrace this model so that we co-create sustainable development around the world. If you invest in our work, you can be sure that every investment you place into this model goes into a process that is fully re-engineered, owned and led by the communities.

SUPPORT ViPAP for sustainable development around the world.