Environment and Natural Resource Management

Today because of rapid & unchecked growth in populations around the world the consumption of natural resources has outpaced the sustaining ( carrying capacity) of the planet / ecosystem, quality of farm lands are rapidly deteriorating, forest lands are fast shrinking due to development & human activities, life styles and over population is generating a lot of solid waste and pollution, the bio diversity is under severe pressure, natural resources are extremely depleted at a harsh rate, there is also extreme vulnerability to environmental hazards and climate related risks. This is the state of our environment and natural resources point blank.

Our initiatives focus on promoting sustainable environmental and natural resource management by engaging different stakeholders, Development Agencies, Associations, Institutions, Governments, Individuals and the private sector to protect & conserve environment and natural resources, prevent & mitigate soil degradation, environmental degradation, impacts of climate change.

Program goal: – We strive to promote sustainable environmental & natural resource management & use in communities through restoration and renewable energy.

Program objectives:-

  1. To attain protection of environmental resources and promote responsible use of these resources to avoid degradation & depletion.

  1. To promote responsible use and equitable distribution of natural resources, conservation and responsible management of natural resources in the communities.

  1. To undertake activities that mitigate or prevent the impacts of climate change at household, community, national & international levels to curb down the dangerous impacts of climate change the world is facing today.

Our Initiatives include:-

    • Awareness creation & Environmental Education: – We use education as an approach to awareness creation. We apply technology initiatives for mass awareness & mobilization. We educate communities, schools & other institutions on sustainable environmental management & natural resource use. We integrate edutainment, IEC in creating awareness.

    • Environmental clubs / Groups: – We establish, train, support & work with environmental clubs / groups to engage them in activities that protect theenvironment, promote sustainable use of natural resources that mitigate the impacts of climate change including tree planting, use of clean energy alternatives such as mad stoves, modern cook stoves and solar home systems, establishment of tree nurseries and group woodlots in the community. We also use these clubs / groups for community education through drama, songs, creative arts among others.

    • Environmental Protection Committees in Local communities: – We mobilize individuals, households, stakeholders in protection of the environment & natural resources. These groups support Government efforts at a community level.

    • Institutional strengthening: We support & supplement the efforts & capacity of Government at all levels in environmental protection, conservation, natural resources management. This covers devolution of Government functions, we (facilitate, influence, participate, advocate) legislative processes to come up with enabling policies and laws and support the enforcement of these policies and laws at all levels of governance. We also advocate for better financing for environment & natural resource management and also bring government to book at all levels to meet its obligations locally & internationally towards sustainable environmental & natural resource management.

    • Sustainable financing mechanisms: We support community groups, clubs, government bodies to develop sustainable financing mechanisms for environment & natural resource management.

    • Pollution and environmental degradation: We strive to mobilize resources and set aside funds to support efforts of communities, government in reducing pollution, curbing degradation of the environment in order to have cleaner & healthier environment, reducing waste generation and improving waste disposal practices of communities and human settlements.

    • Enhancing community & ecosystem resilience: We undertake interventions that enhance the resilience of communities and natural systems & improve adaptive capacities of humans to cope with environmental hazards & climate change.


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