Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA)

This focuses on using participatory approaches (PHAST with BCC) to mobilize communities to take charge of their health and address their health priorities through preventive and promotional activities.

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion heavily hinges on Health Education. “Health by rudimentary definition a complete physical, psychological, social, biological wellbeing not just absence of disease” Never at any one moment can an individual be able to achieve unless in relativity….therefore “Being able to strike a balance between physical,

psychological, social, biological aspects of one’s self would constitute a healthy moment” “ Health is made at home and repaired in the Health facility when it breaks down” to achieve this, greater focus needs to be on prevention, promotion other than cure.

If we built health & health centers in the minds of people, less and less people will be in health facilities, less and less money would be spent on curative services”.

Vision for Humanity values taking health to the people in the communities through,

Program goal: Healthy communities with lesser disease burdens with better i, survival and first aid practices for sustainable development.

Program objectives:

  1. To design and undertake initiatives that promote healthy living in the communities enhancing the ability of persons to avoid disease and seek health care when in need.

  1. Mobilize communities and resources to tackle preventable diseases in order to reduce cost and burden of curative health care and save money to contribute to other aspects of human life for development.

  1. Mobilize communities v adopt better safety, survival and first aid practices.

Health promotional activities

    • Mobilizing communities through Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) for sanitation and hygiene. These embades WASH.

    • SBCC “Sexual Behavior Change Communication”. Most of the Sexually transmitted diseases just need behavior change to promote your health. Alcohol, Poverty, Substance abuse, Poor Health seeking behavior are inhibitors to health promotion. Behavior change requires information, reflection into one’s own values, attitudes and actions in relations to consequences in the past, present and future. We integrate education,

  • rights, culture as an approach to promoting Sexual Behavior Change.

    • Nutrition education & interventions. We believe in the power of education & information. Nutrition education is essential for better nutrition. Nutrition cuts across into livelihoods, agriculture and looking into challenges of

climate change the world is grappling with, we integrate nutrition education and interventions into Agricultural and Non Agricultural


  • Taking “Basic Primary Health Care Services” to the Community. There are barriers to access to health care due to various reasons. We look at Health outreaches & Health Camps as very effective avenues of taking “Health & Health Centre” to the people where they are. Through this, people are able to in their convenience access Health information through health education, report their most critical health challenges through health dialogues, access Sexual Reproductive Health Services such as Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Counseling & Testing, Hepatitis Testing & Vaccination,

Post abortion care services, access basic laboratory tests for malaria, worms, tests for blood pressure, blood sugar among others, general medical examination and referral for clinical services.

  • Promoting Health Seeking Behavior. The Communities have a very poor mentality towards seeking health services. Inculcating this in all our health messages has helped us drive people to seek medical assistance whenever they need it.

Disease Prevention

Disease prevention ranks very highly among our Community Health interventions. Disease prevention overlaps Health Promotion & Clinical services. We have the following activities in our prevention interventions.

    • Health Education. The baseline rule still applies “Information is key” to realizing where one is going wrong, where one needs to change. Through our key health messages, we believe, we have helped multitudes prevent a lot of communicable, environmental and life diseases.

Screening Services: We integrate into our Primary Health Care Services screening for various sicknesses and diseases helping those in need of referral get referral while negativities adopt healthy behaviors to prevent further or new infections. These cut across into nutrition assessments using MUAC, HIV/AIDS Counseling & Testing, Hepatitis Screening & Vaccination, Screening for STI’s, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure among others.

    • Preventive Health Services: We carry out Immunization activities, Condom distribution, Vaccination, Deforming, and Intervene in disease outbreaks among others.

    • Clinical Interventions: Selected clinical interventions like family planning to prevent unwanted pregnancies and other preventive clinical interventions to enhance our disease prevention approaches.

    • Promoting positive Health Seeking Behavior: We strive at all time in our interface with the communities to promote positive health seeking behavior. We try to remove he barrier of culture, poverty, shame, attitude among others from hindering the health seeking behaviors of the communities to build their human capacities.

    • SBCC: It is an serious gateway to disease prevention once an educator of ours said “ If you want to live long, control all the holes in your body” The most dangerous holes are the Vagina, Penile hole, anal hole, kin holes, oral hole, the ears that hear bad things, the eyes that see bad things all taking us to disease.

Clinical Services

We have little capacity as of yet to undertake robust clinical interventions however, through our income generation plan for sustainability, we undertake mobilization and training of communities to provide first aid services, provision of integrated sexual reproductive health services (MNCH Services) in form of health outreaches.

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