Mysterious Fires Torching Houses Cause Panic and Despair in Bataka Village

One of the houses in flames

On 29th November 2017, the residents of Bataka Village, Ombavu Parish, Tara Subcounty, Maracha District woke up to a horrific incidence. The house of Mr. Anguzu Richard caught fire at 10:00am without any known / seen trigger to the fire. Since then, one house daily on a friendly average has being burning under similar circumstances. Owners of the houses that are not yet burnt have removed their doors and the properties inside in anticipation of the same to them. Humanitarian need has grown on daily basis necessitating response.

While in the neighborhood of Bataka, people are going on with normal lives, these horror-stricken residents sleep hungry on daily basis because they lost their food to fire.

* While the rest are enjoying comforts of their beds at night, they endure horrible cold nights including children & pregnant mothers.*

While people enjoyed Christmas, they endured Psychological & emotional trauma levels worse than losing loved ones.

While fireworks rose high atop tall buildings in various cities & towns around the world accompanied with ululations that filled the skies in joy of the New Year, there was totally no life in Bataka village.

While the neighboring villages and the rest of the world set New Year resolutions and are set to undertake new dreams in 2018, they do not know where to begin.

*While the rest in need around the world receive attention and support, they have received none not even from their closest neighbors. *

Such is the horrific tale of the residents of Bataka Village, Ombavu Parish, Tara Sub County, Maracha District.

“These people will not remember the enemy that has put them through this for his / her actions, but the silence of us for not helping them in their time of need”.

VISION FOR HUMANITY is leading a coordinated inter-agency response team that has so far brought together OPM, the local Governments of Arua & Maracha, Uganda Redcross, Rotary Arua, CTEN, Arua One FM.

We need to adopt a culture of helping our selves whenever in need other than waiting for external support. There will be a final coordination meeting at Jershem Hotel in Arua on Thursday 11/01/2018 AT 5:00PM PROMPT and another in Maracha DLG and a day will be identified on thursday to deliver emmergency support as a team. Please come and attend this meeting.

We call up on all Banks, Bus companies, Petrol stations, Radio stations, local & international organizations, coorporate companies and the general public to donate what ever they can afford ranging from food, clothes, (offer to be part of the team to provide health, psychosocial, spiritual services), money, non food items ( jerricans, saucepans, hoes, slasher, rakes, shieves, blankets, mattress etc).

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