About us

ViFoH is a Ugandan registered NGO engaged in development and relief initiatives in Uganda. It is a community centered organization focused on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach to poverty alleviation.

We inspire communities to change and grow. Because they have the resources, ideas and the power to change and grow, we only awaken them through Vision Participatory Awakening Process (
ViPAP) to harness
INVESTMENT which provokes, prepares and launches take off with
their development process and agenda by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies.

We are then able to unlock but not impose change, change that is fully re-engineered, owned and led by the communities
we work with. We champion our bedrock model to enhance community development through simple, innovative, practical steps and cultivation of citizen leadership. It enables us develop
community led interventions whose inclusiveness allows for joint efforts in addressing their challenges. ViFoH has created a comprehensive vision strategy that builds on Human rights interventions while stretching it into a deeper sustainable community that restores Health, Education, people, economy/livelihoods and environment. ViFoH target group among others include; Youth, child mothers, women, conflict affected person, refugees, person living with HIV/Aids and the Most at risk population.

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