The third deputy premier, Hon: Moses Ali and UNHCR staff keenly listen to Mr. Asau Sunday, explaining how Vision For Humanity innovates eco-pavers from plastic waste.

Vision For Humanity is partnering Dan Church Aid with funds from  UNHCR  to implement ” Enhancing Environment, Community resillience & self-reliance of South Sudanese refugees in West Nile”. DCA is the official IP for UNHCR for Environment & Energy in Bidibidi Refugee settlement, Yumbe District for 2019.

Knowing that effective environment management can increase the resilience of refugee and host communities and promote peaceful coexistence environment and energy have been prioritize as a key sector for 2019.  Indeed Bidibidi operation is confronted with the challenge and consequences of deforestation, particularly with the massive arrival of South Sudanese refugee. Priority in Bidibidi (Yumbe) should be given to environmental conservation and sustainable natural resource management by protecting and restoring environment and natural resources and promoting green livelihoods. The 2019 environment project objective is to protect and restore environment and natural resources and promote green livelihoods


At last more than 1,500,000 seedlings should be raised and  planted, 9,000 PSN’s supported with charcoal briquettes as a renewable energy alternative and rocket lorena cook stoves as energy efficient cooking technologies to conserve energy and environment.

As we embarked on implementation of this project, we were confronted with the challenge of plastic waste in the settlement and Yumbe Town. Empty jerycans of WFP Cooking oil were everywhere, plastic jerycans in the communities, water bottles, polythene paper among others.

To keep alive our promise of “Enhancing community development through simple, innovative and practical approaches”. We had the task of innovating a local solution to this challenge hence undertook to turn this plastic waste into ecological products namely pavers, vents, loovers, ecological buildings.

We approached this through mobilizing and working with community groups to take this up as an income generating activity and social enterprise for ViFoH. We work with women and youth who are often times left out in terms of opportuinities engaging them in collection of the waste at a cost and in production.

These products last for life and you invest in them once. We price them lower than the concrete products to encourage the removal of plastic waste from the environment.

Please reach to us for more information and order through +256773 337472




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