Creating a world of hope and opportunity

Vision For Humanity (ViFoH) is a development & relief organization committed to transforming the lives of undeserved, marginalized & excluded communities such as women, youth, PWD’s, victims of conflict (refugees, IDPs, asylum seekers) among others.

Our idea of change is that development should be demand driven and the human is the focal point of development hence our programming hinges on human centered designing while our interventions focus on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach that ensures an inclusive development process. One where communities fully contribute to (re-engineer), own, and lead solutions that they feel are desirable, technically feasible, and economically viable.


ViFoH Manifesto

It is injustice, it is immoral and it is inhuman. It is a lack of opportunity to access basic human rights, the threshold beyond which people cannot make substantive choices about their own lives, and it is a complete inability to determine your future. It is Poverty.

They are marginalized, abused, exploited, excluded, yet like any other they deserve justice, fairness and dignity. They are often not planned for yet development is measured using them. They will not remember the enemy for their words but rather us for our silence. They are the Poor

We see the abundance and opportunity they have believing that they have, they can, and they are able, only just vulnerable and constrained. We place their interests and ingenuity at the center of their development. We unlock their potentials to co create change that they re-engineer, lead and own. We are Vision For Humanity (ViFoH)

It is our sense of commitment to leave the world a better place. We are because they are.

Vision For Humanity (ViFoH) –  Healing a hurting world.

ViFoH Commitments

A person’s livelihood refers to their “means of securing the basic necessities –..

This focuses on using participatory approaches (PHAST with BCC) to mobilize communities to take charge of their health and address their health priorities...

Emergency happens any time. War, Fire outbreak, floods, landslides, conflict & violence, epidemic disease, accidents, famine among others...

We promote good governance & accountability, human rights, peaceful co-existence and manage conflicts....

Our initiatives focus on promoting sustainable environmental and natural resource management to protect & conserve environment and natural resources, prevent & mitigate soil degradation, environmental degradation, impacts of climate change...

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Our Model

Our model of transformation is the ViPAP which focuses on investing in human capacity thereby building community capacity through a set of tools built on the foundation of attitude change, self-reliance (doing it ourselves), visioning, strategic action planning, fulfillment strategies & action towards an all-inclusive development process that the communities fully contribute to (re-engineer), own and lead so that solutions are desirable, technically feasible & economically viable.

The principle of ViPAP is that the communities who face the different challenges know about them better and are best placed to generate effective solutions and address their own challenges. ViPAP further believes that the communities have the resources, ideas & the power to transform except have constraints & vulnerabilities hence ViPAP unlocks community potentials and facilitates the change process by addressing the constraints & vulnerabilities.

ViPAP provokes, prepares and launches take off with their development process and agenda by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies. ViPAP mobilizes communities to Discover themselves, Dream of a better future, Design their course of action for change, Deliver themselves to the desired future through a set of actions designed, implemented, led by themselves.

Media Products

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Support our Work

The needs in the community outweigh the resources committed to address them and the number of people and institutions engaged in meeting them. Besides, development & service delivery is a collective responsibility of each of us in our various capacities. You can be part & support the work of ViFoH by:

  • Donating (financial & non financial resources) to fund a project, campaign or a cause.
  • Volunteering your skills for the organization to advance its vision, mission & goal.
  • Sponsoring events, causes, person’s with particular needs e.g. Orphans, GBV survivors, PWD’s, education etc.

Our Partners

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