Livelihoods focused on sustainable agriculture, skilling (life skills, vocational & technical skills) and Environment focused on Restoration & Renewable Energy.

  • Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of many economies around the world and is the key source of livelihoods for most rural communities. With effects of climate change hard hitting, climate smart agriculture and modern agricultural practices is where the focus of the organization is.

We work with individual farmers, farmer groups, Agricultural research institutions, partner organizations. Our initiatives cover:-

  1. We combat land fragmentation by educating farmers to pool land and venture jointly to optimize crop or animal production.
  2. We promote climate smart agricultural practices that include rain harvesting techniques, practices to conserve & improve soil quality, simple irrigation techniques, smart agricultural practices to cope with the impact of climate change and optimize production.
  3. Farm implements: – One of the greatest challenges in agriculture for rural communities if access to “Quality & regular implements”. Many farmers cannot afford them, sometimes supplies are irregular and the market suffocates with substandard products. These include access to various tools for agriculture. We work with partners to support various rural farmers with inputs & tools to enhance their production capacities.
  4. Agribusiness & Value addition: – We transform many of our farmers from subsistence to agri-business farmers. “The black gold” “the dirty hands are the hands of gold” is a philosophy many farmers we support have appreciated and seriously adopted. Their efforts are producing tremendous results. A key component of this is value addition for better income. These efforts are paying off.
  5. Rural financing / agricultural financing: – We have worked hard to establish a micro lending department specifically support our farmers and other livelihoods groups. On top of this we work with specific microfinance institutions suitable for rural farmers particularly Microfinance support center Uganda to ensure access to financing for rural farmers.
  6. Extra Skills training (Livelihoods Diversification): – It is a pity to labor hard all year round and loose earnings because of lack of basic skills & knowledge. We support our farmers with extra knowledge & skills trainings in the areas of group dynamics, financial literacy, business skills for diversification, Savings & VSLA methodology.
  7. Farmer support groups:– This is a peer support group for sharing knowledge, skills, best practices, solidarity with farmers in loss and is a strong platform to motivate other people to pick interest in farming / agri business because many people under look farming.
  8. Incentivizing agriculture / Demonstration farm for the organization: – We have partnered with and support Dream mixed farms, a private social agricultural enterprise and we have established a model farm. We collect farmers routinely from the countryside annually to have a learning experience from this model farm. We enroll best performing farmers as out growers of dream mixed farms to enjoy an international market and also frequently and annually award modest rewards and prices for best performing farmers we work with. This has generated serious interest among farmer.

Non Agricultural Livelihoods:

Else from agriculture there are a whole lot of dignified initiatives that we undertake with communities to attain secure & sustainable livelihoods. We focus on developing and or enhancing skills, talent and ideas.

  1. Self-help initiatives for both informal & formal groups: – This is a bold approach and shift from the narrow understanding and approach to tackling poverty (lack of or low income hence handing gifts, aid, tokens) to questioning the status quo where we inspire communities to take initiative, enhance existing efforts to help themselves by building or enhancing existing capacities & efforts. These include efforts of savings, VSLA Methodology, group / community skills & resource pooling, Model community approaches, solidarity groups, talent & art groups among others. We enhance these groups with skills trainings covering group dynamics, diversification into enterprises and technical support.
  2. Business & Entrepreneurship skills development: Many of the self-help groups generate into business & entrepreneurship groups. We support them with key skills enhancement & technical trainings from group dynamics, business & entrepreneurship training and we boost their efforts to access financing for various ideas ventured into. We also advocate to have an enabling business / investment environment with key government agencies.
  3. Skills Development & Enhancement: – Many of our target groups (youth, women, children, elderly) are seriously constrained and vulnerable. Skills development & enhancement inform of artisan, vocational skills are key to enable create livelihood opportunities for them. We undertake various initiatives individually or in groups to develop and enhance skills for opportunities. We work with many partners to support the with various tools and support capital after attainment of skills.
  4. Creative Art & Culture: – A key livelihood component especially for young people is their skills in art. Many times they are not properly paid (ripped off) for their skills & efforts, need development enhancement of the skills. We have deliberate initiatives to develop, enhance and support efforts of various individuals, groups to create livelihood from art & culture. These include skills development, advocacy to enable protection laws in place, direct cash support, art & culture events & competitions among others.
  5. Developing & Enhancing Employable formal & informal skills: – We offer internship placements for hands on job experience in many of our field openings, we have a technology platform linking fresh graduates to various organizations for internship & jobs, we undertake capacity building for many private enterprises and organizations to enhance their capacities to employ, enhance capacities of many individuals & groups to self-employment. Our education promotion activities enhance formal employment initiatives.
  6. Technology for livelihoods: – We value the importance of technology in creating employment and enhancing skills for employment. We partner with and develop initiatives that build capacities of individuals through technology enhancing their chances of employment and also use technology skills for self-employment. We have created a page in our website and our social media platforms to enhance employment opportunities for individuals.
  7. Cash based livelihood opportunities: – We have various initiatives like cash for work, cash for business groups, cash for savings groups, revolving funds, investments funds for sparking livelihoods activities for individuals, groups we work with in communities.
  8. Livelihoods Diversification: – It is important for livelihoods sustainability to sustainably diversify livelihoods. We support this through extra skills trainings, linkages to extra opportunities among others.
  9. Human rights, good governance & advocacy: – This is an important determinant of livelihoods. We engage in advocacy for and protection of vulnerable communities, enhance good governance of communities and support governance structures to enhance livelihoods of communities.
  10. Private sector capacity: – We undertake several initiatives to create opportunities and enhance capacities of the private sector in undertaking enterprises that offer social support and enhance livelihoods.


Today because of rapid & unchecked growth in populations around the world the consumption of natural resources has outpaced the sustaining ( carrying capacity) of the planet / ecosystem, quality of farm lands are rapidly deteriorating, forest lands are fast shrinking due to development & human activities, life styles and over population is generating a lot of solid waste and pollution, the bio diversity is under severe pressure, natural resources are extremely depleted at a harsh rate, there is also extreme vulnerability to environmental hazards and climate related risks. This is the state of our environment and natural resources point blank.

Our initiatives focus on promoting sustainable environmental and natural resource management by engaging different stakeholders, Development Agencies, Associations, Institutions, Governments, Individuals and the private sector to protect & conserve environment and natural resources, prevent & mitigate soil degradation, environmental degradation, impacts of climate change.

Our Initiatives include:-

  • Awareness creation & Environmental Education: – We use education as an approach to awareness creation. We apply technology initiatives for mass awareness & mobilization. We educate communities, schools & other institutions on sustainable environmental management & natural resource use. We integrate edutainment, IEC in creating awareness.
  • Environmental clubs / Groups: – We establish, train, support & work with environmental clubs / groups to engage them in activities that protect the environment, promote sustainable use of natural resources that mitigate the impacts of climate change including tree planting, use of clean energy alternatives such as mad stoves, modern cook stoves and solar home systems, establishment of tree nurseries and group woodlots in the community. We also use these clubs / groups for community education through drama, songs, creative arts among others.
  • Environmental Protection Committees in Local communities: – We mobilize individuals, households, stakeholders in protection of the environment & natural resources. These groups support Government efforts at a community level.
  • Institutional strengthening: We support & supplement the efforts & capacity of Government at all levels in environmental protection, conservation, natural resources management. This covers devolution of Government functions, we (facilitate, influence, participate, advocate) legislative processes to come up with enabling policies and laws and support the enforcement of these policies and laws at all levels of governance. We also advocate for better financing for environment & natural resource management and also bring government to book at all levels to meet its obligations locally & internationally towards sustainable environmental & natural resource management.
  • Sustainable financing mechanisms: We support community groups, clubs, government bodies to develop sustainable financing mechanisms for environment & natural resource management.
  • Pollution and environmental degradation: We strive to mobilize resources and set aside funds to support efforts of communities, government in reducing pollution, curbing degradation of the environment in order to have cleaner & healthier environment, reducing waste generation and improving waste disposal practices of communities and human settlements.
  • Enhancing community & ecosystem resilience: We undertake interventions that enhance the resilience of communities and natural systems & improve adaptive capacities of humans to cope with environmental hazards & climate change.