Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP).


This is our model of adopting Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach to poverty alleviation.


It is a unique, sustainable model to grassroots development. It allows communities to figure/map & design  their own future/change process.


ViPAP is a participatory & integratory process that inspires communities to change and grow, it harnesses rural IDEAS, INNOVATION & INVESTMENT.


The process is designed to place community interests and ingenuity at the center of a community’s development so that programming responds to the wishes of the community and the communities fully contribute to the process.


For us poverty is not the question of ” lack of”. We believe communities have the ideas, resources and power to thrive and are working towards that except there are constraints & vulnerabilities. We see abundance and opportunity in difficult situations.


ViPAP builds the capacity of the community to address the constraints & vulnerabilities. ViPAP unlocks community potentials to co create development process and agenda that they fully re-engineer, own and lead by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies.


ViPAP builds on Human rights, restores Health, Education, People, Economy/Livelihoods and Environment.


The awakening process has three processes namely:- Provoke, Prepare, Take off.


PROVOKE: A set of innovative tools that inspire communities to   change attitude towards development, awakens communities to discover themselves and dream.


PREPARE: A set of tools that prepares the communities for action (strategic action plans).


TAKE OFF: A set of tools that launches communities into the change they fully design, own and lead.