ViFoH is a Ugandan registered NGO engaged in development and relief initiatives in Uganda. It is a community centered organization focused on Participatory Integrated Community Development (PICD) approach to poverty alleviation. We inspire communities to change and grow. Because they have the resources, ideas and the power to change and grow, we only awaken them through Vision Participatory Awakening Process (ViPAP) to harness rural IDEAS, INNOVATION and INVESTMENT which provokes, prepares and launches take off with their development process and agenda by creating strategic action plans and fulfillment strategies.

We are then able to unlock but not impose change, change that is fully re-engineered, owned and led by the communities we work with. We champion our bedrock model to enhance community development through simple, innovative, practical steps and cultivation of citizen leadership. It enables us develop community led interventions whose inclusiveness allows for joint efforts in addressing their challenges. ViFoH has created a comprehensive vision strategy that builds on Human rights interventions while stretching it into a deeper sustainable community that restores Health, Education, people, economy/livelihoods and environment. ViFoH target group among others include; Youth, child mothers, women, conflict affected person, refugees, person living with HIV/Aids and the Most at risk population.

Our Vision is: A community with efficient human capacities and good quality of life for sustainable development.


Our Mission is: To empower communities for positive socio-economic transformation.


Our Goal is: To enhance community development through simple, innovative and practical approaches.


ViFoH Core Values:


Humility: – “True humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less” This is an organizational virtue that enables us to see the world as it is with all the challenges hurting it.


Audacity: – “We have a dream, we have a vision, we have a mission, we have to do something, we will do it at this time”. This organizational virtue enables us to imagine how the ideal world should be.


Courage: – Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, it means you don’t let fear stop you” This organizational virtue makes us boldly create the change we envision.


Our Identity:

Our values are translated into 3 core characteristics, symbolically represented by the half globe (to symbolise our commitment to the service of humanity globally while appreciating that we are globally interconnected and interdependent), persons ( with full human capacity who are socially and economically empowered) , different colours ( representing diversity, people centeredness & inclusion. We value diversity reflected in its multi-cultural character as an explicit strength of the organization).

2 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. I am a youth leader in Maracha how can we work better together to help the young people in Maracha and west Nile at large.
    The future of the communities greatly lies at the hands of the Young Ugandans a need to see there humanity squarely.

    1. Dear, Francis thank you for taking time to visit this site. Your question reflects that you took your time to go through what we do and we are excited that you look towards the angle of working together.
      We have a lot of focus on vulnerable groups and certainly youths are among and we have a lot of programming to address youth specific issues. Working together is the only way to go and we value it so much for building synergies that propel development.
      Kindly avail us your contacts, we are registered and operate in maracha and will be glad to set some time aside and discuss this comprehensively with you.
      Thank you

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